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Family Finds Black Widow Spider in a Bag of Grapes


spider in grapes

Banana lovers the world over scrambled to find a new favorite fruit after reading a horrifying news story we reported about last week, which saw a family from the United Kingdom discovering dozens of venomous killer spiders living inside of a bunch that they brought home from their local grocery store.  If you're one of those aforementioned banana lovers, and you picked grapes as your new favorite fruit, then you might want to reconsider that choice too...

Right here in America, a Michigan family purchased a package of grapes from their local Kroger supermarket last week, and found more than just juicy balls of fruit inside the bag.  After he got home and unloaded the family's groceries, 20-year-old Callum Merry discovered a web and a deadly Black Widow Spider hanging out with his healthy snack.  Though he planned on releasing it back into the wild, Callum's brother thought better of the idea, and promptly drowned the eight-legged freak in a bowl of water.  Though Black Widows aren't known to be particularly aggressive towards humans, they can pack a pretty mean bite, so that decision was probably for the best!

A representative for Kroger said he's unsure how the spider ended up living amongst the grapes, and the company provided the family with a $25 gift certificate to the supermarket.  Would you want to go back there after something like this?  Because I'm not sure I would!