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Fan Gives Video Game 'The Last of Us' a LEGO Makeover


Zombies once again dominated the genre landscape in all forms of media this year, with The Walking Dead gobbling up ratings on TV and Warm Bodies topping the charts at the box office.  In video game land, 2013 saw the release of The Last of Us, which FEARnet's own Carl Lyon just crowned one of the best horror-inspired video games of the year.  In the gory and grotesque game, zombies have taken over, and a badass dude is tasked with protecting a young girl, both of them fighting for survival in a quickly collapsing world.  To say that Carl's not alone in his opinion of the game would be an understatement, to say the least.

YouTuber Brian Anderson is one of those fans who wholeheartedly agrees with Carl's assessment, and he's just shown off his love for the game in a pretty unique, and totally awesome way.  I'm not sure how it happened, but the LEGO brand has become bigger than ever in recent years, everything from Star Wars to the Avengers being turned into LEGO video games.  But what if a video game became a... LEGO video game?  And what if that video game was The Last of Us?

Check out Brian's incredible mash-up video below, which includes a twist ending that I've got a feeling many of you are going to love!