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Fan-Made 'Hellraiser: Origins' Pitch Video Takes You Deep Into Hell


Hellraiser: Origins

To say that it's been a long time since anything worthwhile has been done with the Hellraiser franchise would quite frankly be a huge understatement.  After a string of terrible sequels, Dimension Films quickly slapped together Hellraiser: Revelations a few years back, a film that was made for the sole purpose of the company retaining the rights to the franchise.  Dimension's plan for nearly a decade has been to reboot Clive Barker's original film, a plan that fell apart after a series of disagreements between the company and hired talent.  It seems that Dimension just hasn't been able to see eye-to-eye with anyone when it comes to a Hellraiser remake, leaving the project dead in the water for many years - that is, until Clive Barker's recent announcement that he will be writing the reboot.

Needless to say, during the period of time where Dimension was doing nothing with the property, it was only a matter of time before an ambitious fan took matters into his own hands and tried to reboot the franchise that Dimension has been unable to - and that's precisely what filmmaker Mike Le Han has just done.  Armed with a vision that will bring the series into the 21st century, Le Han put together an impressive crew (including Wrath of the Titans concept artist Paul Gerrard) and filmed a trailer for the movie he hopes to someday be able to make.  Titled Hellraiser: Origins, the trailer serves as a pitch video for Dimension, and Le Han believes that his vision is strong enough to get the attention of the company.

You can check out the pitch video below, which is in my opinion a beautiful and highly artistic take on Pinhead and his hellish dwellings.  I dig it quite a bit.  How about you?  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment with your thoughts!

Head over to the Hellraiser: Origins website to learn more, and see tons of awesome concept art, behind the scenes shots and promotional posters.