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News Article

Fangoria Bringing 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' Back to the Big Screen!


Art by Marc Schoenbach

Not many horror movies over the years have proven to be more controversial than Silent Night, Deadly Night.  Originally released into theaters in 1984, TV spots for the film depicting killer Billy dressed up as Santa Claus enraged parents across the country, which led many to write angry letters and even picket theaters where the film was being shown.  Not surprisingly, TriStar Pictures got cold feet amidst all the controversy, and decided to pull the film from theaters.  It sat on a shelf for two full years, before an independent company picked it up and re-released it, in 1986.

27 years later, Silent Night, Deadly Night returns to the big screen, embarking on one more theatrical run courtesy of the fine folks over at Fangoria.  And we're not talking one showing of the film in one location in city you live nowhere near.  Oh no.  Beginning on December 4th and running through the 17th, Fangoria and Brainstorm Media will be bringing the digitally remastered film back to theaters all across the country - the most widespread release the holiday horror classic has been given in nearly three decades.

Keep your eyes locked on Fangoria's website for theater locations and showtimes, which should be posted real soon.  In the meantime, check out the trailer they cut together to promote the big re-release!