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Faux Trailer Gives Classic Video Game 'Paperboy' a Grindhouse Makeover


Like many of you reading this right now, I grew up in a time where incredibly simple video games provided endless hours of entertainment.  And they didn't get much simpler than Paperboy, a 1984 arcade game that was ported over to home consoles shortly thereafter.  A sort of primer for the first job many kids ever have, the object of Paperboy was simply to ride around a bike and toss papers on lawns, avoiding road hazards along the way.  The early 90s saw the release of Paperboy 2, the first and only sequel to the game.

Now, decades later, we're gearing up for the release of Paperboy 3: The Hard Way, a live action film that sees our beloved paperboy all grown up, seeking revenge for a string of paperboy murders.  The paperboy has become a paper-man, and he's taking no prisoners in his quest to deliver street justice.

Okay, so there actually is no such movie in the works, but a filmmaker by the name of Isaac Williams just put together a pretty brilliant faux trailer that gives the popular game a Troma-style makeover, which anyone who ever spent serious hunks of time playing it is sure to get a major kick out of.  What would Paperboy look like, if turned into a shot-on-video 80s horror flick?  I'll let the trailer speak for itself!