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The Fear 10: FEARNET's Favorite Fear Eaters Part 3

Phobia Friday: Geliophobia - Fear of laughter.

Name:  The monsters in Disney/Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.

First Appearance:  2001, when Monsters, Inc. premiered in theatres.

Bio:  Monsters, Inc. is the utility company in Monstropolis, a city inhabited solely by – you guessed it – monsters.  The company has doorways to the closets of all the children in the world.  The monsters jump out and  scare the children, and the resulting screams are what generate power for Monstropolis.  Of course, being a Disney film, the monsters eventually learn that children’s laughter is far more powerful than their screams.

Ironically, children.  The monsters believe that a child’s touch will burn like acid (instead of just being disturbingly sticky).  It’s a classic case of bullying to mask fear.

Fear Factor:  Is there anything lower than 0?  The monsters are huggably cute, and the entire message of the film is not to be afraid of the monsters in the dark.



Name:  Benjamin "Knox" Washington

First Appearance:  September 22, 2008, in the Heroes episode The Second Coming.

Bio:  A former gang leader and eventual escapee from Level 5, Knox is hired by the Pinehearst Corporation to do their bidding. Knox is able to draw immense physical strength from the fear of those around him.  He goes on a mission with Daphne, but when she falters in her mission to kill Matt, Knox feeds off her fear to gain the strength to snap her neck in half.

Weakness:  Cold.  As he is about to kill Nathan, Knox is attacked by Tracy, whose ability is freezing.  She turns him into a block of ice and shatters him.

Fear Factor: If I say zero fear factor, he won’t hurt me, right?