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Fear Factory Get 'Mechanized'


According to Candlelight Records, industrial metallers Fear Factory will be rolling out their seventh studio album Mechanized early next year. If the first single Powershifter is any indication, this release sounds like a return to the band's groundbreaking roots. Flip to the other side and find out more about their apocalyptic new creation...

Mechanized also represents the reunion of frontman Burton C. Bell with the original guitarist Dino Cazares – after parting ways nearly six years ago – and also marks the return of Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly) on keys. They're joined by bassist Byron Stroud and the masterful Gene Hoglan (Strapping Young Lad) at the drumkit.

Bell describes the product of this team-up as a return to that authentic industrial sound: “I didn’t want any of the soundscapes to sound natural,” he explains. “I wanted them to be really mechanical, because I wanted that aspect of Fear Factory to really shine again... I was a huge fan of industrial music and still am. And you don’t hear much of that anymore these days."

After patching up their old differences, Bell and Cazares got down to business writing songs this April, and discovered a sudden blast of inspiration that reminded them of the band's early years. "I realized that Dino and I were a real integral part of Fear Factory and we needed each other to make it work,” Bell said. “Without the both of us it just lost that intensity."

Cazares believes that diabolical chemistry has returned in force: “Burton and I have grown up and we’ve pretty much perfected what we do,” he explains. “More importantly, we’ve discovered why we so were good together in the first place. Our combination just works.” As a result, he considers Mechanized “the best thing we’ve ever done.”

We'll find out if he's right on February 9th when the album hits the streets... in the meantime, listen to Powershifter right here!