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News Article

FEARNET Attends Horror Trivia Night!


2013 is slowly shaping up to be a really solid year for horror thus far, and one of the funnest local events to kick off at the beginning of this year has been the monthly Horror Movie Trivia Night sponsored by our friends at Fangoria and Shock Till You Drop and held at the Jumpcut Cafe in Studio City. The competition (which takes place on the 3rd Thursday of the month) has built up so much buzz that all 3 months of the event have reached venue capacity in record time. And this shouldn't be surprising considering you've got hosts Ryan Turek and Rebekah McKendry, reps from two of the biggest horror entities out there, paired up with the Jumpcut Cafe (which Drew Daywalt wrote about in a recent 'School Of Fear' blog as being LA's "horror haven") as it's prime location.

Well, for those that haven't been able to make it, we thought we'd give you a front row seat to what the entire Horror Trivia experience is like! We've even included a few of the questions in our video below so you guys can participate from home! If you're on Facebook, make sure you "like" the Jumpcut Cafe Facebook page to keep on top of Horror Trivia Night, as well as other various events like the Secret Sixteen free screenings and horror boardgame night. (No, really!) Next Horror Trivia Night will be on Thursday, April 18th!