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News Article

FEARNET Carves Up New Video Channels


Our former Video Channel menu options just didn’t hack it, so in our efforts to enhance and simplify your FEARnet movie viewing experience we’ve taken a stab at changing our menu option titles. Take a look at the new Video Channel section and while you’re there take a peek at the recent releases in the New section and the always free full-length feature films in the Free Movies section. Let us know what you think. We are dying to know your thoughts!

The New section stores the latest FEARnet newly released films, trailers, shorts, or additional exclusive FEARnet content.

The Most Viewed section provides a conglomeration of free films, trailers, and extras frequently stalked by fellow victims.

Exclusively for free, full length feature films, are in the Free Movies section

Don’t forget to check the Trailers section for exclusive FEARnet movie previews.

You can always find exclusive shorts, interviews, and behind the scenes footage lurking in the Extras section.