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FEARNET Exclusive: Eminem's 'Banned' Bloodbath RELAPSE Teaser!

After a lengthy self-imposed exile, hip-hop legend Eminem is staging a highly-anticipated comeback with the arrival of the Dr. Dre-produced album Relapse, which streets next Tuesday from Interscope Records. It’s no surprise that the tide of controversy’s already coming in, thanks in part to a seriously creepy teaser for the album – which has been declared too extreme for TV.

But as you probably know by now, the words “too extreme” are seldom spoken here at FEARnet (at least not right next to each other), and we’re proud to say that we’ve got yer teaser right here, suckas! You know you want to see it, so hit the jump and take a look!

This 15-second spot was directed by Syndrome, the prolific video guru who also shot clips for the first two Relapse singles – including the controversial “3am” (which premiered May 2nd on Cinemax just before The Strangers). In that one, the artist’s alter-ego Slim Shady takes on the persona of a Silence of the Lambs-quoting serial killer who targets the staff at a rehab center with horrific results – which makes for a dark, disturbing piece that seems to draw influences from Se7en and Blair Witch, with a little touch of Session 9 in there too.

The same doomed atmosphere permeates the more graphic album teaser, which has slicker production values and is jam-packed with all the nightmare-inducing gory goodness that our FEAR fiends love… and we’re anxious to find out what you think. So spin it!