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FEARNET Fan Obsessions: Goblin Albums


Most of us know rabid record collectors, but a rabid record collector who specializes in the '70s prog rock outfit Goblin - that's next level. Goblin is probably best known for creating the unforgettable musical accompaniments to Argento's films.

This month, Ian Zapczynski takes FEARnet on a tour of his over 600 strong LP, 7" and 12" collection. This man is serious about Goblin and all things related to the band.

The Collector:  Ian Zapczynski

Location:  About 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What:  Goblin.  LPs, CDs, and all merchandise related to the band who is best known for their music for horror films.   This includes records by other artists that members of Goblin performed on or produced, an aspect which makes my collection unique amongst the few other serious Goblin collectors.   You haven't lived until you've paid $50+ for an LP that is absolutely impossible to listen to just because Maurizio Guarini played keyboards on one track.

Years Collecting:  I've been collecting for nearly 20 years now although I took several of them off to focus on other things, mainly a marriage.  

How Many:  300+ LPs, 200+ 7" and 12" singles, 120+ CDs, 50 cassettes and a small number of 8-tracks.  I have never taken the time to estimate how many thousands of dollars have been spent on this collection over the years and I'd really rather not.   Suffice it to say, the rarest items don't come cheap.

How the Obsession Started:  Can't remember anymore if it was their music from Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Zombies that first really caught my attention, but I loved the music so much that I had to get it on record.   I was easily able to obtain the US Dawn of the Dead LP and listened to that constantly.   I was slowly able to start finding their import releases as years went on. I won't forget screeching like a little girl when I found my second Goblin LP, their Greatest Hits album, at a record convention when I was a teenager. At the time, there was no information available on the band in America, so the mystery surrounding them definitely helped feed the obsession.  Something that we can't relate to in the internet age is that not even knowing what items are out there makes it even more exciting to collect them.   Everything you find is a total surprise!

Most Prized Find:  Either my sealed Canadian Roller 8-track or a British LP test pressing of the Suspiria soundtrack.   Neither are unique but both are still extremely rare.

Rarest Piece in Collection:   An original CD-R of still unreleased demos that Claudio Simonetti sent to a record company to promote his then-new band, Daemonia.   This isn't merely a copy; this is the actual CD-R that Simonetti provided to them complete with handwritten track listing.  It of course was not supposed to end up in a collector's hands, but it did anyway.

Craziest Thing You've Done for the Collection:  Unfortunately, the craziest things I've done have hurt the collection more than helped. I've paid $600 for one item and $1000 for another only to trade or sell them later, getting much less than they were worth in return.   I also had Claudio Simonetti autograph the ultra-rare original Cinevox Cherry Five LP and make it out personally "To Ian".  This is a record that I could have easily resold for at least $800, but is now worth far less with the autograph.   But perhaps the truly craziest thing I've done for the collection is to buy it at all, because when I die, these items will likely be sold at a garage sale for $2 apiece.

The Horror Holy Grail: (one piece you've been searching for forever)  Actually, I've just recently found it.   I searched more than 15 years for a copy of Claudio Simonetti's Ritratto D'Autore LP, and oddly enough I found 3 for sale on Ebay in the space of a few months after not seeing any anywhere for so many years.   All three sold for prices between $400 and $900 and I bought two of them!!  

What Else Do You Collect:  I have thousands of other rock LPs and CDs as well as nearly as many VHS tapes and DVDs, mostly horror films or those in genres that appeal to horror fans.  

Do you know an obsessive horror collector? Is that obsessive horror collector you? We want to know more about your obsession. Email FEARnet here and tell us about your obsession.