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FEARNET Killer Snack Attack: The 'Ravenous' Stew


Ravenous Stew"If you die first, I am definitely going to eat you, but the question is, if I die, what are you going to do? Bon appétit... Eat or die."

Can there be a subtle cannibal movie? Yes. It’s Antonio’s Bird’s Ravenous. Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, and Jeffrey Jones star in the story of a Captain sent to oversee Fort Spencer during the Mexican-American war.

Sounds straight forward enough, right?  It is, until a lost cannibalistic caravan shows up at the fort. That’s when things get interesting. People start to die, and the stew gets that much tastier.

The Ted Griffin-penned film is a tale of the greed, gore, obsession and the slow descent into madness. It didn’t meet with a great deal of critical acclaim, but I thoroughly enjoy the movie for its dark comedy.

Movie: Ravenous (written and directed by Claudio Fragasso)

Year: 1999

Deadly Recipe: Man flesh. One you’ve had a nibble, you want more.  You have the hunger.

Chef: Colqhoun. He leads the train of cannibals and later impersonates a Colonel to gain the trust of the soldiers at Fort Spencer, and eventually, feast on their limbs.

Culinary Kill:  Colqhuon systematically murders an entire fort worth of soldiers and adds them to his stew. He feeds anyone remaining at the fort this savory concoction and soon they are addicted. Now everyone has the hunger.

Leftovers: Spoiler here. Everyone dies. But a pot of killer stew remains when a new general arrives at the fort. After a long trip, there’s nothing as enticing as a home-cooked meal.

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