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FEARNET's Ghosts of Christmas Past


It's Christmas eve, and you are waiting up for Santa. Distract yourself from those shiny presents that await you with some of FEARnet's holiday-themed horrors from Christmases past...

Even horror's greatest villains take the time to celebrate Christmas.

Santa is an anagram of Satan. Doesn't this worry anyone else? It worried us, and garnered a list of evil Santas, plus a history of the legend of Krampus.

Our interview with Jill Tracy on her "accidental" Christmas album

Tim Sullivan dreams of a black Christmas with John Saxon

Eric Stanze ponders overlooked and underrated holiday horrors.

Enjoy a gallery of nightmarish Christmas trees

Christmas is a special time... which calls for special implements of murder.

We have interviews from the new Silent Night sorta-remake: Malcolm McDowell on keeping the Christmas traditions alive, and director Steven C. Miller on why the holiday horror is so important to him.

Or for the traditionalist, a look back at the original Silent Night, Deadly Night.

And if you didn't get the Christmas gift of your dreams, be sure to check out our gift guide and buy yourself a little present.