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News Article

FEARNET's Twisted Comedy Block Will Simulcast Free Online


This is no April Fool’s joke, for the first time ever we will be live streaming our cable channel  here on during a special week-long event airing midnight to 2 a.m. ET from Tuesday, April 1 through Saturday, April 6. The “Twisted Comedy” block is a celebration of dark and depraved humor from our Neighbors to the North, Across the Pond, and Down Under, featuring the complete FEARNET original series INSIDE NO. 9, WATCH WITH MOTHER, and S.O.S. as well as five episodes of the FEARNET fan-favorite PSYCHOVILLE. 


INSIDE NO. 9: Created by and starring PSYCHOVILLE masterminds Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. Each episode presents a different spooky tale full of dark humor and surprising developments, with storylines revolving around a game of ‘sardines’ that brings secrets and sins to light in a wardrobe; a hilarious silent-movie homage about thieves trying to steal a priceless painting while avoiding a variety of obstacles; and a primary school teacher who becomes the victim of a good deed.


WATCH WITH MOTHER: A provocative “exercise in experimental entertainment” exploring the dark side of suburbia, and challenging viewers to be disturbed by what is innocent, while laughing at the horrific. Subjects include a Good Samaritan with bad intentions; a sweet old couple who is anything but; and vengeful roadkill


S.O.S. - SAVE OUR SKINS:  Ben and Stephen are two geeky Brits who are desperate to meet their idol, Xena: Warrior Princess, at a fan convention in New York City. Their plans are quickly ruined, however, as they discover that society has completely vanished. Determined to unravel the mystery, the two men embark on a road trip to Canada, meeting a blue monster, a sexy serial killer, and other crazies, along the way.


PSYCHOVILLE: Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s creeping tale about an odd bunch of citizens—the serial killer-obsessed David Sowerbutts; the bitter one-handed clown Mr. Jelly; blind millionaire Oscar Lomax; lonely midwife Joy Aston; and the dwarf Robert Greenspan, who believes he is telekinetic—whose lives are entangled when an unknown blackmailer sends them a mysterious message: “I know what you did.”