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News Article

February Releases From Scream! Factory: Prison, Terrorvision, The Video Dead


Scream! Factory has announced a couple of collector's editions DVDs for die-hard horror fans this February.

First up is Prison, about a man executed for a crime he didn't commit whose ghost returns to to haunt the prison and seek revenge on an especially brutal guard. Extras include an audio commentary track with director Renny Harlin, an all-new "Making Of" featurette, and a PDF of the first draft script.

Then we have a double feature of Terrorvision and The Video DeadTerrorvision is about a man whose satellite dish picks up a "signal" from a distant world, causing monsters to indescriminately pop up on his TV. In the same vein, The Video Dead is about an old, haunted TV set that only plays one old zombie movie - and seems to be bringing said zombies into real life. Terrorvision includes an all-new "Making Of" featurette and commentary tracks with writer/director Ted Nicolaou, and actors Jon Gries and Dianne Franklin. The Video Dead includes audio commentary with writer/director Rob Scott, stars Roxanne Augesen and Rocky Duvall, as well as the special effects artists, production manager, and editor.

Both discs will be DVD/blu-ray combo packs and hit the market on February 19th.