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Fede Alvarez Is Working on an 'Evil Dead' Sequel


Evil Dead sequelDespite all the shit talking, the unhappy and extremely-vocal original Evil Dead fans, and the general dismissal of Fede Alvarez’s reboot, the new Evil Dead is getting a ton of positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Sure, its source material is iconic, but according to online reactions, Alvarez brings something unique to the already great story.

Read FEARnet’s full review here, but the excerpt below is really all you need to know about Alvarez's remake:

“As for the poster that promises 'the most terrifying film you will ever experience,' that's some high-quality marketing, but no: the new Evil Dead isn't even the most terrifying film I've seen in the past year. It IS however, stocked with more than enough gloom, doom, and carnage to keep a seasoned horror freak happy enough. If a few of the actors are sort of wooden and if some of the dialogue is a bit ripe, those are small stakes for a movie so irredeemably committed to big shocks, pitch-black humor, and enough audacious violence to fill three decent horror flicks.”

With this kind of review, Alvarez’s weekend SXSW announcement, that he is already working on a sequel to the reboot, is not all that surprising. According to Bloody Disgusting, " ... director Fede Alvarez revealed to a sold out SXSW crowd that he’s already begun writing a sequel to his Evil Dead, starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore and Jessica Lucas."

It’s unclear how this bit of information will fit in with news that Sam Raimi is considering getting to work on Evil Dead 4, but hopefully it means we’ll see both. Or maybe we’ll have an Evil Dead battle royale on our hands.

via Bloody Disgusting