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Female Artist Has Lived with Mannequin Family for 14 Years


Suzanne Heintz

If you thought Maniac's Frank Zito was the only one who spends the majority of his time with mannequins, think again...

As we spotted on Oddity Central, artist Suzanne Heintz has spent the last 14 years of her life coming home to a mannequin husband and daughter, and the explanation for the incredibly strange lifestyle is not the chemical imbalance you might be expecting. No, Suzanne isn't crazy, she's just an artist who's expressing herself in a most unique fashion, out to confront societal pressures on women and prove that personal happiness comes from the inside, not from others.

Okay, so the whole thing is totally creepy, but hear her out, before jumping to conclusions.

Playing House

Heintz says that the inspiration for the strange 'project' came from repeated questions about when she was going to get married and have kids, nagging inquiries that I'm sure every female reading this right now has been asked, at one time or another. After telling her mom that she couldn't exactly just go out and buy a family, she soon realized that she actually could, after finding mannequins for sale at a retail liquidation outlet.

Playing House

Armed with the daughter and husband everyone was pressuring her to live out her days with, Heintz now travels the world with her unconventional family, snapping Kodak moments along the way. "Yes, I’m a grown woman playing dress-up and house," she says. "But it’s all for a darn good reason. And it’s not because I need medication. It’s because I have the right to decide how my life looks. And you know what, so do you! Women’s lib was in the ‘70s. It’s the 21st century now and somehow, I’m still not right without a ring on my finger?"

"You can be happy without all the stuff people think you need," she continues, revealing the true message of her project and unusual lifestyle. Amen to that.

Heintz' family life will soon be revealed in the documentary Playing House, and you'll find the trailer below!

Check out the haunting mannequins of the John Lawson House, if you're not yet creeped out!