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News Article

Fewdio's 'Nightmare House' DVD

One of the hottest new names in the online horror community this year has to be Fewdio – a fiendish short-film troupe composed of several Hollywood power-players who are all die-hard horror fans, and who explore their frightening obsessions in an ever-expanding collection of terrifying short films, made on modest budgets but with amazing production values. The first DVD compilation of these award-winning shorts is Nightmare House: Volume 1, which Fewdio unveiled at this year's Comic-Con in a whirlwind fan frenzy.

This one's a must for any true horror fan's DVD collection, but you might want to bundle this gift with a package of disposable undergarments, 'cuz a few of these micro-shockers are likely to lead to some major pants-wetting incidents for the emotionally unprepared. Order a copy from Fewdio, share it with a friend, then sit back and wait for the screams...

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