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News Article

Fight for 35mm

Film studios are trying to do away with 35mm prints. Yes, most filmmakers now shoot digital, and the studios encourage it. It is fast and cheap, easy to store and easy to deliver to theaters. But now, they want to do away with all 35mm prints, even those of classics that get rented out to repertory theaters. Julia Marchese from Los Angeles's New Beverly Cinema has launched an online petition with the hopes of showing the major studios that there is still a love for 35mm. I know I love it. Friends call me a film snob just because I love the scratch of film grain, the pops on the soundtrack, the cigarette burns in the corner. And when it comes to horror films, nothing beats film stock. Join the movement after the jump.

For those of you unfamiliar with the New Beverly Cinema, it is a single-screen theater located in the heart of Hollywood. They only show indie, art house, classics, foreign, and grindhouse, and only screen 35mm. Quentin Tarantino is a huge supporter of the New Bev, and often curates some of their midnight programming and monthly grindhouse screenings. And let's face it: grindhouse flicks are made to be seen on filthy film stock. 

So lend your support. Sign Marchese's petition online and read her impassioned open letter to cinephiles everywhere.