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News Article

Fill Your Virtual Longbox with 'Prototype 2'

Activision's Prototype is no stranger to the 4-color treatment, having received a comic adaptation courtesy of DC's Wildstorm imprint back when the first game was released.  Now, in preparation for the springtime release of Prototype 2, Dark Horse Comics are releasing a 3-part miniseries that bridges the two games.  More details from Joystiq after the break.

The three comics will be released digitally via Dark Horse's website, and each focus on a different aspect of the Prototype mythology.  The first issue follows the exploits of the mutated Alex Mercer, the second centers on a group of survivors, and the third introduces us to Sgt. James Heller, who we'll be playing as in Prototype 2.

The first issue will be released February 15th.  The following issues will be released two and four weeks after that, respectively.