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Filmmakers Team Up with Vice and 'The Conjuring' for 'The 3:07 AM Project'


3:07am ProjectThe last couple years have seen a big time resurgence in the multi-director horror anthology film, with movies like V/H/S and ABCs of Death giving young up and coming filmmakers the chance to show off their stuff, in an abridged and easy to digest fashion.  What's great about this recent trend is that it gives fans a chance to become acquainted with the work of filmmakers that aren't yet established as masters of horror, providing us with a gateway into the careers and minds of the men and women who will be scaring the daylights out of us, for years to come.

Last week, the website VICE partnered up with James Wan's box office hit The Conjuring for a fun little experiment, titled The 3:07 AM Project.  Four budding masters were given the chance to make short films for the project, with the only rule being that they must take place at the time of 3:07am.  Why?  Because that's the time in The Conjuring where all the shit goes down, and the clocks in the family in peril's home all stop ticking.  The Devil's hour, if you will.

The four filmmakers tasked with creating early morning spookshows were Nacho Vigalondo, mostly known for writing/directing Timecrimes, Max Landis, son of John and the writer of the highly impressive Chronicle, House of the Devil's Ti West and last but not least Jason Eisener, who brought into our lives the unforgettably entertaining Hobo With a Shotgun.  Four guys that know what they're doing behind the camera, that's for damn sure.

The four films are as short as they are creepy, running a combined length of 6 minutes long.  So if you can manage to find any excuse to not watch them all, then I think we're going to have to revoke your membership in the horror fan club.

Check out all four shorts below, compiled together in one quick video!