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Finally... FEARNET's Guide to Throwing a Proper 'Dust to Dust' Screening Party!!

What's up, vampire lovers? So with the thrilling conclusion to FEARnet's original web series 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust hitting (look for it in our D2D web channel), there's sure to be a lot of excitement abound. With that being said, what are YOU planning for the big finale?! Oh c'mon, you must be doing something to see how it all ends? Oh, I get it... you want to throw a party to send off Dust to Dust but you want to do it right and you're not quite sure how. No matter, you're not alone - and fortunately, for all you out there with this problem, FEARnet's here. So to help you give D2D the goodbye it deserves, here are FEARnet's Tips For Throwing the Most Vampirific Dust to Dust Wrap Party On the Planet!

STEP 1: Setting the Mood

We all know that first impressions are hard to beat. So why not dazzle (and don't forget to terrify) your guests the second they creep through the door? Turn your place of residence from a lame mortal household into a haven where you and all your vamp buddies can party all night and all... well, no vampire likes partying during the day. Vampires, for some unbeknownst reason to us humans, love to hang out at dance clubs and listen to trance music. Replace all the lights in your house with blue-tinted bulbs, put on the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack, and you might literally have vamps walking through your front door. Now that you've set the scene for a night of bloodsucking and jugular-munching antics, it's time to move on...

STEP 2: Party Favors

Yeah, turning your house into the hottest vampire speakeasy in town is nice, but it just isn't enough. Now that you've got your place looking like a vamp hang-out, it's your duty as host to help turn your guests into the vampires who will occupy it. Hit up the dollar store and buy a stockpile of cheap, plastic vampire teeth. And if you really wanna go the extra mile then get yourself some black-colored contacts - THEN your eyes will look as dark and soulless as the vamp stars of Dust to Dust. What's that? Your party's budget is running on empty? Well, here's some party favors you'll be able to make out of things you can find in your own home:

Fangs - Got a bag of Bugles lying around? Take those cone-shaped treats and turn 'em into every vampire's weapon of choice.

Vials of Blood - Hand out little vials of blood that your guests can take home with them to treasure your D2D party forever. Whoa, but hold on there Billy Bob Thornton! Don't use real blood. All you gotta do is find some red food coloring and some corn syrup - and voila! (Here's a little tip: a dash of blue food coloring will give your blood a darker, richer color!) All you need now are some vials for storage. First, if you live next door to a chemist, rob him. What's that? You don't live next to a chemist? Oh, well then kidnap your neighbor who works as a glass blower. WHAT?! You don't live next door to a glass blower OR a chemist? What kind of a crazy mixed-up world do you live in? Those are like the two most common professions known to man! Oh well, we'll just have to make due without... take a couple of pens with clear bodies, screw off the top, and take out the ink. Don't forget to make sure the bottom of the pen is leak proof! Then just take a wine cork and fashion your own mini-cork for the top and you've got yourself a product suitable for an imaginary blood transfusion.

Little Crosses - Find little pieces of scrap wood lying around the garage, attic, or shed. Then nail 'em together in the shape of cross. Pretty easy, right? Well then take it to the next level and maybe inscribe a message on the horizontal slab, so if any of your guests want to actually kill the vamps, they'll remember who to thank.

STEP 3: Picking Out Your Attire For the Evening

Now that you're past pre-production it's time to get ready for the event. First, make sure you're extremely pale in honor of the vampires on screen. I mean it. (Come to think of it, you probably should have been staying in all summer.) Great - now that you look like Sean Patrick Flanery in Powder, let's pick out an outfit. You could always go with Dust to Dust star Ken Foree's patented Hawaiian shirt - but remember that chat we had about the mood of the party? Best to dress in dark colors - just like those crazy friggin' vampires you're about to watch rip through the population of Noir Orleans.

STEP 4: Laying Out a Menu

Okay, hot shot, now that the mood is right and you've got some goodies for everyone to take home. Let's talk the important part: Snacks. Yeah, they seem out of place for a screening of a show so gory that Freddy Kruger would lose his appetite - but true horror fans have iron stomachs, so you might as well go for it. How about mini hamburger sliders cooked extra rare (for the gore's sake)? No, you're a vegetarian? Well how about picking up some sun-dried tomato hummus and pita. Not to be biblical or anything, but it is a nice choice to accentuate the flesh and blood theme of the whole thing. As far as sweets go, Sour Patch Kids might be a nice touch - and if you're the kind of psychopath that makes Martha Stewart look apathetic, you could consider cutting out little areas on their necks so it looks like a little candy vampire already had the first taste. And don't forget about jelly donuts! White, flaky outside with a thick crimson filling oozing out? Sounds like a vamp's face right after dinner.

Now that there's food on the table, there'll need to be some drinks. Flutes of red wine are not just classy but will also match the blue light bulbs you've put up brilliantly. Some pitchers of vodka and cran will do the trick as well (except, depending upon how mixed, your walking might be slightly more impaired). Oh, you're not 21? No worries! Just make some Ken Foree Hawaiian Shirt Punch - it's Hawaiian Punch but with a better name! Bottoms up!

STEP 5: Pre-Screening Affairs

So everyone's arrived and are enjoying how crazy times infinity you've gone over this screening party. And, just like guests do, they need a goal oriented task to keep them from breaking everything in your house. Here're some suggestions: maybe show the earlier installments of Dust to Dust to refresh everyone's memory. They can still chat because they've already undoubtedly already enjoyed them 30 or 40 times, but they'll also be able to relive the vamp glory for round 31 or 41. If you're really throwing a rager, maybe takes those little tubes of blood you made earlier and play 'Spin the Vial'. Although that game might make things a little awkward if you opted to go with the Ken Foree Punch over the loose juice. Other ridiculous things you could do: play Cops and Vampires (a themed alternative to the ever popular Cops and Robbers - damn those robbers...), pin the Cross on Dracula (replacing that archaic tail and insufferable donkey), or just play Castlevania on your old N64 and make your friends watch - but that's reserved for only the best hosts...


Don't forget the reason everyone came together in the haze of Vampiric madness. It's time for the guest of honor - the thrilling finale to 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust! Yeah, it's true you could watch Dust to Dust on your computer if the screen is big enough - or if you're lame enough! Just kidding, but seriously, transferring Dust to Dust to your TV is as simple as a trip to the local electronics store. All you need to throw it on your screen or big screen or projector is an S-Video to RCA cable (they only run about 9 dollars - so it won't hurt your pocket too bad). Just plug it into your computer and then into your TV and it?s time to watch. Success!

Awesome! All that's left is for you and your attendees to enjoy the final episode of this summer's premiere web series. So... enjoy! And don't be sad when it's all over because Dust to Dust will premiere on FEARnet Video On Demand in September in its entirety! Then you know what happens? Dust to Dust Screening Party: The Sequel!

Oh, and don't forget to check out FEARnet's Vampire Survival Guide - just in case life starts to actually imitate art...

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