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News Article

First Footage: 'Grudge' Director Takes on the Wii!

Takashi Shimizu, director of such J-horror classics as Ju-On (The Grudge to us gaijin) and Tomie: Rebirth has turned his evil eye towards Nintendo's money-printing machine the Nintendo Wii with a game simply titled Feel.  More info and a trailer after the break!

Based loosely on the first Ju-On film -- if you couldn't tell by that eerily familiar crushed-throat croak -- Feel promises "new victims" that were never featured in the movie as well as a flashlight-based gameplay mechanic that bears more than a passing resemblance to my beloved Penumbra.  The publishers claim the game is roughly 60 percent done, although no publisher has been secured for outside of Japan as of yet.  Unfortunately, given that other equally deserving titles will never see stateside (Suda51's Fatal Frame sequel), I'm not sure that the game's movie-license pedigree will be enough to bring it over, at least not without a digital Sarah Michelle Gellar.

[Thanks, Kotaku]