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First 'Zone of the Dead' Casting News


We just talked to Halloween 2007 starrer Kristina Klebe and got the skinny on her upcoming projects including a new zombie film by a Serbian writer and director called Zone of the Dead. Also set to star in Zone is Dawn of the Dead's Ken Foree.

Klebe tells us Zone of the Dead is meant to be shooting in Serbia, Ken's gonna kill me because he thinks if I talk about it, it's going to jinx it but there are already riots in Serbia so it can't get much more jinxed than that. I think we'll end up doing it, it might just take a little bit longer but it's a Serbian writer/director and it's a really cool script. I play an interpol agent she's American and she works for the CIA it's her first assignment and she's in Serbia and she has to transport...(pauses) I don't want to tell the whole story and give it away, I'm so bad...(Klebe continues) she's a rookie, very young, it's her first job and throughout the movie you see her grow and become stronger and become more confident in her work and become a kick ass tough kid that kills all the zombies. It's a really cool part. The one with Robert is a thriller, it takes place in Italy.