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The Five Crappiest Companies to Work For in Horror Movies

In the wake of disasters like the thalidomide pharmaceutical tragedy of the '50s and '60s and the Three Mile Island nuclear plant meltdown in the '70s, companies have, alongside the government itself, become the de facto bad guy in horror movies. But which companies are the baddest of the bad? Find out after the jump.

Weyland-Yutani Corp

A company so corrupt it was Introduced in Alien as simply "The Company" (as though its evil was beyond the means of identification), the Weyland-Yutani Corp. has demonstrated time and again that it values nothing as much as the almighty dollar. Its willingness to sacrifice any and all human lives -- be they employee, military, or innocent civilian -- in an effort to capture a living Xenomorph for use in creating weapons is the worst kind of war profiteering.

Spectacular Optical Corporation

Organizations are always suspect in David Cronenberg films, be they research institutes pioneering new psychiatric treatments or simply a group of auto accident fetishists. But the most heinous company in the Cronenberg oeuvre must be Videodrome's Spectacular Optical, an eyeglasses company that serves as a front for a NATO weapons manufacturer. Led by the sleazy Barry Convex, it keeps an eye on the world alright, so that it can eliminate "undesirables" by feeding them fatal brain tumor-inducing snuff films.


InGen, a.k.a. International Genetics Incorporated, is the bioengineering company tasked with resurrecting extinct dinsaur species for CEO John Hammond in Jurassic Park. Unfortunately, as mathematician Ian Malcolm observed, Hammond's people didn't earn their knowledge, and so were fully unprepared for the consequences when it was abused. The bottom line: be sure to take the accidental death and dismemberment option of InGen's insurance policy. And don't bother negotiating for more vacation time -- you won't need it.


The mega-billion-dollar biotech company that dominates the nightmarish futuristic world of Repo! The Genetic Opera, GeneCo is run by Rottissimo "Rotti" Largo, a power-hungry madman whose children -- Luigi, Pavi, and Carmela "Amber Sweet" -- are so insane they make him appear completely stable. Rotti's sadism infects his organization, as he supplies body organs to a public suffering from rampant organ failure, and takes delight is dispatching his feared Repo Man when his customers cannot make their payments. And the entire Largo family isn't above killing any employees who piss them off.


N.E.R.D. (Nucleic Exchange Research and Development) is a pharmaceutical company at first reluctant to fund the human-animal hybrid DNA research of Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast in Splice. After observing the number of patents it results in, however, (despite the accompanying fatalities) N.E.R.D. is more than happy to abandon its ethics and support the next stage of that research, in which Elsa herself will give birth to a hybrid child.