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Flashback to the Days of VHS With 'Sledgehammer'


A few weeks ago, we told you about the release of "outsider" cinema, including the first shot-on-tape slasher, Sledgehammer. If a DVD release isn't enough for this "rewardingly lethal collision of '80s slasher video-vomit," then check out the newest collectible version: a VHS.  Alamo Drafthouse's Mondo boutique has formed Mondo Video to release "rare genre films in a collectible VHS format." Who knew that VHS would become a "collectible format"? More details after the break.

"I am downright crazy about VHS, so it gives me great pride that we get to make Sledgehammer the first release on our new Mondo Video label," says creative director Justin Ishmael. I don't know about you guys, but I haven't had a VHS player in years, but I'll admit there is something intoxicating about the warped, scrambly picture on VHS.

Sledgehammer VHS will be available this week through The DVD, which includes a nostalgic documentary, will also be available this week through major media retailers.