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Florida Woman Finds Bacon, Lettuce and Worms in her Fast Food Salad


Wendy's worm

I think it's pretty safe to say that we've all had more than a handful of problems with our fast food orders over the years, from toppings being slapped on our burgers that we didn't ask for to toppings being left off our burgers that we DID ask for.  Though certainly annoying, these little blunders are ultimately excusable, and can be chalked up to the fast-paced working conditions and understandable carelessness from underpaid employees.  But what one woman recently found in her meal goes far beyond the usual misplaced slice of bacon...

At a fast food location in Hollywood, Florida, a woman named Ivette and her boyfriend stopped by the drive-thru on November 7th, picking up a BLT salad that they planned to share.  Ivette noticed that something was off about the salad with her first bite, tasting something sour that she quickly spit out.  It was then that she made the horrifying discovery that what she had taken a bite out of was not bacon, lettuce or a tomato, but rather a dead worm - one of a few that she soon thereafter discovered in the bowl.  Ivette was so nauseated by the whole ordeal that she ended up in the hospital, and is considering pressing charges.

You can see the full news report over on NBC Miami.

The even scarier thing about all this?  The worms are probably much healthier than most of what these restaurants serve... at least they're all natural!!