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Fox's 'Frankenstein' Project Lands a Director


Fox is working on a new Frankenstein project, based off a script from Max Landis (Chronicle). According to Variety, Shawn Levy was originally attached to direct, but he wanted to do something more big-budget than what Fox and Landis had planned. With blockbusters like Real Steel and the Night at the Museum franchise to his credit, I can't imagine him doing anything small.

Now the studio has put Paul McGuigan on the film. Best known for the quirky crime flick Lucky Number Slevin, McGuigan has also directed a number of television episodes, including the BBC's new Sherlock Holmes series.

Word is that this Frankenstein will be "a revisionist, sci-fi take on Mary Shelley's 19th century novel," with focus on themes of "friendship and redemption." Frankenstein seems to be on a revival right now, with projects supposedly set up at Sam Raimi's Ghost House, Brazilian RT Pictures, Danny Boyle's recent stage production, and of course, Guillermo del Toro's long-suffering dream of creating his own Frankenstein.