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News Article

Frank Darabont to Rewrite 'Godzilla'


godzillaFrank Darabont has been brought in to do a final rewrite on the upcoming Warner Bros. / Legendary Pictures Godzilla reboot. The original script comes from Max Borenstein, who wrote The Seventh Son. Godzilla is set to go into production March, with a May 16, 2014 release date.

Further complicating the Godzilla project is a dispute between Legendary and producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee. It seems that the pair are exiting the project, though it is a little unclear as to who called off the business relationship. Hitfix declares the split to be amicable, while Deadline says the producers wouldn't lower the fees they signed on for and Legendary feels they are within their rights to fire the pair and cut them out of credit and future profits.

With all this drama, I am getting more and more nervous about this Godzilla. I am hoping that it will be an epically awesome giant monster movie... but right now I would just be happy if it is better than the 1998 Roland Emmerich / Matthew Broderick crime against humanity.