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Frankenbok Premiere 'Dine in Hell' Video

Australian thrash metallers Frankenbok have just launched their most brutal video yet – a blistering performance piece for the new single "Dine in Hell," a 300-inspired track from their upcoming studio album The End of All You Know. On the flipside, we've got the clip and more info about the band – including a taste of their plans for 2011. Hit the jump and prepare for battle!

Formed in Melbourne in 1997, Frankenbok have built a solid following down under with their caustic blend of old school thrash and hard rock, earning them touring gigs with big names like Slayer, Machine Head, System of a Down, Fear Factory, Soilwork and Skinlab. The band is embarking on an international tour this summer, with dates to be announced soon.

The End of All You Know is their fourth full-length album, following their successful 2008 EP The Last Ditch Redemption. "Thematically speaking, the new album is about humans behaving badly," the band explains on their Facebook page, promising that the record "thrashes & sweats and once again proves that you cannot go to hell without a guitar solo."

The album's official drop date is not posted, but the band reports it should be out next month – and they also hinted a live DVD is in the works. Check out their battle-readiness in the clip below: