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Freaks Come Out for Alice Cooper's 'Night of Fear'


Seeking the most outrageous sideshow acts to accompany him for two "Night of Fear" shows in London this Halloween, shock-rock pioneer Alice Cooper and his promoters have scheduled auditions for these spots to take place today. Last week, Alice sent out an invitation for performers to submit audition videos to his official website, and the resulting traffic was reportedly so massive it crashed the site. Hit the jump and find out more about Alice's festival of freaks!

Last Monday, Alice invited "sideshow and freak" performers to submit footage of their acts in order to get a time slot at the auditions, which will be conducted at historic UK attraction London Dungeon. According to a report from Blabbermouth over the weekend, the resulting avalanche of audition videos caused to crash more than once, requiring round-the-clock attention from their web support team to accommodate the traffic.

Those chosen to appear at the live audition will do their freak thang in front of a panel of judges, including Alice himself. Five finalists will join Cooper and company for the "Night of Fear" show at London's famous Roundhouse on October 31st and November 1st. Both shows will feature Alice's Theatre of Death concert set, with support from Zodiac Mindwarp (who last toured with the Coop back in 1988) and the notorious Jim Rose Circus.

Be sure to check out Alice's VIP page for ticket ordering info.