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Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Beetlejuice Costumes - All Done in Makeup



We’re just a little over a month away from Halloween, which means that if you haven’t yet started thinking about what/who you’re going to be this year, you had better get a move on that.  While most of us head out to our local costume shops or look around online for the pieces we need to achieve the looks we’re going for, Chicago based artist Alexys Fleming finds all she needs in her makeup kit.  And if you’re looking for some Halloween costume inspiration this year, you’ll find it painted all over her face.

A licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist, Fleming’s makeup skills are entirely self-taught, a passion of hers that began at a very young age.  “I actually became interested in makeup around age 14,” she says.  “It wasn’t until I realized that makeup could be used for more than just the basic mascara application that I became interested in it. I learned quickly that it was used for movies and also to make monsters.”

To say that the 20 year old artist uses makeup to do more than merely apply mascara would quite frankly be a massive understatement, as her talents with the brush have allowed her to transform herself into both beautiful creatures as well as hideous monsters, using simple makeup in place of the masks and latex appliances that would typically be required to turn oneself into iconic movie villains like Freddy and Jason.  Fleming believes that “you can be whatever you put your mind to in the world of art,” a belief that she beautifully conveys through the incredible artwork that her flesh serves as the canvas for.

Whether the character she’s turning herself into is male or female, original or one we all know and love, Fleming’s goal is to make those transformations with little more than makeup, sometimes painting her face and other times her entire body.  And you will be absolutely blown away by what she’s able to do with such simple materials.  If you think the human mouth can’t be turned into a Predator mouth without elaborate prosthetics… think again.

Check out just a small handful of Fleming’s incredible makeup jobs, which I again must remind you she applied not to models, but to herself!

If you dig what you see, be sure to become a fan of Fleming’s Facebook page MadeULook by Lex.  There you’ll find images of all of the amazing characters she’s transformed herself into, along with more information about her, her art and the many positive causes she supports.

Alexys also has a YouTube channel called MadeYewLook, where she uploads highly entertaining tutorial videos showing how she pulls all of this stuff off.  You’ll find the Freddy makeup tutorial above, and I highly encourage you to browse through her channel and check out the rest!