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Free Comic Book Day 2014


Free Comic Book Day is upon us once again.  What is Free Comic Book Day?  Well it is all right there in the name.  Every year, on the first Saturday of May, participating comic book stores give away selected comics to anyone that comes to their store.  That’s right FREE.

Comic books influence so much pop culture these days.  Movies, TV, video games and more are looking for the next story to adapt or character to exploit.  They make billions doing it.  We enjoy consuming it.  But the problem is, this doesn’t really help the men and women (mom & pop if you will) that run the local comic shop in your neighborhood. They struggle to get by.  This is what makes FCBD great, you get something for free and they get a chance to show you their wares.  Maybe you will come back again. Everyone wins. 

With that said, here are a few of the titles that you may want to pick up tomorrow should you decide to take advantage.


V-Wars (preview)

New York Times bestselling horror author Jonathan Maberry presents the chronicle of the first Vampire War in V-Wars! This all-new tale leading into this summer's ongoing V-Wars series offers the first salvo in the battle between humans and hundreds of new species of vampires!





The New 52: Future's End

Jump on board DC Comics' epic weekly series beginning with this all-new FCBD issue that features tomorrow's Dark Knight, Batman Beyond (making his first appearance in The New 52), battling an army of cyborgs to avert an Apocalypse in the future which could destroy the DC Universe of the present! But that's not all; there are still more surprises to come. Stay tuned for more details!




Rise of the Magi (preview)

The series follows Asa Stone, a young guard protecting the gates between his world and our reality. After discovering a secret never meant to be seen, Asa's entire life is turned upside down, leaving him with nothing more than a list of seven names -- magicians, sorcerers, thieves and killers that are the only means of protecting both worlds against a destructive evil: the Magi. Now Asa is forced to trust the untrustworthy as he fights to stop the "Rise of the Magi."



Zombie Tramp (preview)

Are you bold enough to take a ride with Janey, the Zombie Tramp?!? If you pick her up, she might just share the story of how she came to be the street walking dead!! Be brave so you can be ready for her all new series following this special issue! You also get a mind shattering sneak preview from the second volume of the coolest comic series you haven't read yet... Ehmm Theory!





Sherwood Texas/Boondock Saints (preview)

A story older than all of us, told now for the first time... After the same biker gang who murdered his father leaves ROB HOOD for dead, he returns to seek revenge on an epic, blood-soaked scale. Combining the biker gang epic with Spaghetti Western sensibilities, SHERWOOD, TX retells the legend of Robin Hood as a modern day, noir-action opus.  Hood is joined on his quest by Padre Elvin Tuck, Will Scarlet, and Little John, as they take on the crooked Sheriff of Nottingham, TX and his partners in crime, The Nobles biker gang and their leader John Prince.  Included in this 12-Gauge FCBD issue is a special BOONDOCK SAINTS co-feature, written by film-franchise creator/writer/director Troy Duffy and comic 


All You Need Is Kill

Now a major motion picture starring Tom Cruise! When the alien Mimics invade, Keiji Kiriya is one of many recruits shoved into battle armor Jackets and sent out to kill. Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to be reborn to fight and die again and again. He receives a message from a mysterious ally--is she the key to Keiji's escape or his final death? The official graphic novel adaptation based on the original novel! Also, in Terra Formars, the colonization of Mars is an epoch-making event, but an unintended side effect of the terraforming process unleashes a horror no one could ever have imagined...


2000 AD Special (preview)

The Galaxy's Greatest SF anthology returns to FCBD with this stellar line-up of stories! Dredd races to save a fellow Judge in "The Badge" from Matt Smith & Chris Burnham; Sláine stars in "Lord of the Beasts" by Pat Mills & Rafael Garres; Rogue Trooper recounts his bloody past in "Glass Zone" by Gerry Finley-Day & Dave Gibbons; and Psi-Judge Anderson faces a magical monstrosity in "Golem" by Alan Grant & Enric Romero! Plus: D.I. Harry Absalom (by Gordon Rennie & Tiernen Trevallion), Durham Red (by Leah Moore, John Reppion & Jan Duursema), Future Shock (by Henry Flint), and classic Dredd newspaper strips by John Wagner & Ron Smith!


This is just a small sample of what will be available. Head to for the full list of titles.