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French Artist Turns Beloved Childhood Characters Into Horrifying Monsters


Little Mermaid

As Michael Bay has surely learned by now, messing with beloved childhood icons is something you ought to be really careful with, because nothing makes us geeks angrier than when we feel that our favorite characters aren't being treated properly.

French artist Sylvain Sarrailh most definitely is not treating our favorite childhood characters properly. But I'm willing to bet you'll be totally okay with that, once you get a hold of his awesome art.


Sarrailh is a digital artist who goes by the handle Tohad over on Deviant Art, and his page is absolutely chock full of unique, and oftentimes quite brutal, takes on childhood icons, which see them being turned into both badass heroes and horrifying, blood-covered monsters. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is safe from the wrath of Tohad, and that includes the likes of Alf, Shrek, Ronald McDonald and yes, even those adorable little Powerpuff Girls... who are not so adorable anymore.


Be sure to check out Tohad's Deviant Art page to see many more where these came from.

Ronald McDonald

Powerpuff Girls

Lion King

Winnie the Pooh


Pink Panther

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