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Friday the 13th Find: 'Tuesday the 17th'


For the uninitiated, Psych is a wacky detective show on USA about an unusually perceptive guy, Shawn, who is too "immature" to be taken seriously - or take himself seriously. So rather than join the Santa Barbara police department like a normal human being, he pretends he is psychic and hires himself out as a contractor. Naturally, hilarity ensues. The good people behind Psych are huge nerds - more importantly, they are huge horror nerds. So in season three, they had a brilliant spoof of Friday the 13th called "Tuesday the 17th." Shawn and his best friend Gus head to the camp they used to frequent as children. It was closed when an employee was killed in a freak electrical accident. An old camp friend (cleverly named Jason Cunningham) has decided to reopen the camp, but one of his counselors has gone missing and he needs Shawn and Gus's help to find her before the camp opens. 

Check out a few clips below.