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'Friday the 13th' Machete Prop Replica

So let's say the Friday the 13th fanboy or girl on your list is already toasty warm for the season in their nifty Jason hoodie, and they've hung their official 2009 F13 remake hockey mask in a place of honor... it seems hard to top that kind of dedication to the mighty Mr. Voorhees, right? Well, hold on there, buster! I'll be they don't have this one – a detailed replica of the immortal campground killer's weapon of choice.

This one's a seriously heavy sucker (and that's not including the hefty price tag), with a solid steel blade and wooden leather-wrapped hand-grip... all that's missing is the blood of a few dozen nubile teenagers. You'll have to supply that detail yourself. (Just kidding... maybe.)

$161.85 at Amazon