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News Article

Fright Rags Debuts Limited Edition 'The Shining' Inspired Jack Shinington Shirt


Here’s Jack-y!

What happens when Jack Skellington and Sally take a vacation at the Overlook Hotel? Things get a little dicey. This awesome Fright Rags Jack Shinington shirt shows Jack in action after a few days at the secluded resort.

The shirt is extra-special because Fright Rags is offering it as a limited edition, with only 500 printed and no pre-order.  It’s first- come, first-serve, so you have to get on it if you want to get your bony hands on a shirt.

Available beginning Wednesday December 12 at 10am EST.  Jack Skellington will put you back a mere $25.95 and is available in men’s sizes Small – 5XL.