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Fright Rags Escapes From New York This Halloween!


Escape from New York t-shirt

Stepping a wee bit outside of their comfort zone of releasing kickass t-shirts based on horror movies, Fright Rags is this Halloween launching a trio of offerings in honor of and tribute to one of John Carpenter's less frightening flicks - the film that introduced us to the uber-badass Snake Plissken; Escape From New York.

First up they've got a jam packed limited edition box set, which comes in a collector's box and features your choice of either a t-shirt or hoodie - with art by Justin Osbourn - as well as a replica film poster, a prismatic sticker, and even a Snake Plissken temporary tattoo and replica eye patch.  That set will run you $57.95, and only 500 of them will be available.  Consider it a starter kit for your Snake Plissken Halloween costume!

Snake Plissken

If you're looking to spend a little less, you can grab yourself a baseball tee and/or a regular t-shirt - the former featuring the same art from the shirt in the box set, and the latter sporting a different piece of art, from Christopher Lovell.  The baseball tee is selling for $37.95, and the t-shirt for $25.95.

All three offerings will go up for sale on Halloween, and will be shipping out to you mid-November. Learn more over on Fright Rags!