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News Article

Fright Rags Hints at More Braaaaains - Is that Tarman?


In the most recent Fright Rags newsletter, they showed off a couple of their new designs, new t-shirts for Nightmare on Elm Street and Zeke the Plumber (Best. Title. Ever.)

But then there was this little hidden nugget at the bottom of the newsletter:

On Friday I will be sending the first teaser of our next big release, coming in July. If you use yours braaaains, you might just be able to guess what we're up to :)

So, zombies right?

Then we found this on the Fright Rags Instagram page:

That's Tarman from Return of the Living Dead. Could we be looking forward to a Return of the Living Dead Fright Rags tee? Or even better, a limited-edition combo pack that includes this old-skool Halloween mask - the kind that are super-flammable and easy to choke on?