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Frightfully Delicious Bento Boxes


Bento boxes are traditional Japanese lunches packed in portable boxes, and are frequently works of art. Using a variety of tools (edible food paint, molds, stencils), parents create fun and cute tableaus for their kids (and sometimes for themselves). Rice is often molded into shapes and decorated with cheese, meat, veggies, seaweed, and other edibles. Usually these are cutesy displays: panda bears, Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, Pac-Man, and Mario Bros. to name a few. But there is a dark side to bento boxes. A scary side. Take a look at some of these scary - and delicious - bentos we found. Warning: you will get hungry.

I never thought I'd see Ichi the Killer immortalized in lunchmeat, but here we are. Sakurako Kitsa's Ichi is a turkey head with mustard hair, on a bed of forbidden rice, with (ew) cotton candy smoke and a gummy tongue.

Frankenstein's monster and the mummy meet bento! Mummy is made of strips of cheese and M&Ms on a sandwich, while monster is a base of cake with cheese accents. Don't miss the steamed purple sweet potatoes, shaped like bats.

Sushi spider from

I couldn't find any info on this bento, but it sure is startling.

Not really horror, but c'mon - this Chewbacca is bad-ass.

It's unsettling when your food looks back at you...

A hot dog mummy, apple and almond "zombie jaw," and fruit leather bats, courtesy of

Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, as imagined by Gina Lee.

Jason Kraft has a number of Halloween-themed bento boxes on his Flickr stream, but I chose this one because it is so elegantly simple.

There is a whole lot of horror going on in this bento. replaced her kid's cute bento with one consisting of apple "bones," cucumber "ogre fingers," turkey bacon "dragon tongues," and mashed potato "brains." Enjoy your therapy bills.

Sonoma Bento's ode to The Shining: "bloody" pasta, a sinister pasta message, and a cheesy Danny.

Bentovention has done several Doctor Who boxes, but this one is particularly disturbing.

Susan Yuen salutes KISS.

Lello's PB&J skull with string cheese crossbones.