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News Article

Fringe Benefits Poster #2 Revealed - It Glows in the Dark!


fringe benefits

No, not that cheesy black light, stoner-type poster. A legit, light-activated, glow-in-the-dark print.

Let's back up. A few weeks ago, we told you about Fringe Benefits, a charity event in honor of the final season of Fringe, where fans could vote on which episodes got limited edition art posters. Poster #2 was just released - and almost instantly sold out. By day, the poster offers a beautiful, panoramic skyline, with the silhouettes of Walter, Olivia, and Peter standing by the water. But when the lights go out, a different image emerges, one that depicts the skyline in the alternate universe, complete with the still-standing World Trade Towers and a sky dotted with zeppelins. Peter's silhouette has vanished (although, interestingly, the Walter silhouette still appears to be hunched, even though in the other universe, he had impeccable posture as the Secretary of Defense.)

I want one.