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News Article

'Fringe' Gets a Fifth and Final Season

It's official folks: Fringe was picked up for a fifth and final season. First, can I get a hells yeah! Second, let's discuss why this is so awesome - and so not a surprise. 

When Fringe debuted four seasons ago, it was a giant hit. It's Tuesday night debut got such great ratings Fox moved it to the "coveted" Thursday night slot. As its ratings dipped, it slid to Friday night where its ratings continued to decline. Traditionally, Friday nights are where shows go to die. But after that Friday time slot launched The X-Files to juggernaut status, Fox doesn't really see Friday as a graveyard. While Fox execs always talk about how much they "love" Fringe, let's be honest - no network exec is going to say that they greenlit a show that they feel is mediocre. But the net has always stood behind their high-concept and sci-fi fare, far more than any other network. While the ratings this season continued to slide, I refused to believe the series would be canceled unceremoniously. 

Then word hit this afternoon that Fox would give Fringe a farewell season, consisting of 13 episodes. Let's not become too cynical, but it seems pretty obvious this is a money issue: 13 episodes, in addition to the 87 already in the can, would allow Fringe to hit 100 episodes - traditionally the magic number of episodes a show has to hit before it can get a good syndication deal.

Whatever the reason, I'm just glad they are going out in style. And look! They already have a teaser: