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News Article

'Fringe: The Lost Episode'


Fox will be airing a 'new' episode of Fringe this January, a season one episode that was allegedly – and inexplicably – “lost” and recently recovered.  The episode will feature Charlie Francis (played by Kirk Acevedo), who was killed off early in season two.  The plotline centers around a teenager who, when taken off life support after an accident, suddenly wakes up, speaking Russian and with a surprising knowledge of classified Russian secrets.

There are so many reasons that I think this is a marketing trick.  First off, a “lost” episode of a JJ Abrams show just in time for the final season of his other show, Lost?  Second, the episode is entitled Unearthed – that has to be more than a stunning coincidence.  Third, Fox is known for it’s viral marketing, especially with Fringe.  Remember how during the show hiatus, The Observer would show up at various high-profile events?  And fourth, Fringe is a show that hinges heavily on the idea of alternate dimensions and interruptions in the linear flow of time.  So there is a good chance that Unearthed is an elaborate plot point.

Whatever the case may be, I’m certainly not going to turn my nose up at a new episode!

Thanks to Sci-Fi Wire for the news.