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News Article

"Fund Our Movie or We'll Kill This Actress!"


Now THIS is the kind of campaign I'm proud to endorse... We just received a message from a group of people who identify themselves only as "The Filmmakers." Apparently these folks are so determined to raise money for an indie horror movie they're making that they're prepared to end the life of their lead actress if their budget goal is not met. Read their invitation, er, warning after the jump.

Here's what the insane (and insanely creative) showmen behind the "Save Jillian" campaign have to say...

Season's greetings, Fearnet.

We have Jillian in our possession. She is a talented actress, but she will never act again if we don't get our money. We need $26,000 to make our movie. You must alert your readers about Jillian. If you do not, we will make her suffer for each day we don't hear from you and we will take additional hostages.

The money must be delivered by noon on December 31st, 2011. If we do not get the full amount of $26,000, JILLIAN DIES.

If you alert the authorities, she dies. If you alert the Screen Actors Guild, she dies. Do not try to deceive us. We are familiar with online measures and tactics. Follow our instructions and visit to pay us.


The Filmmakers