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Funko and Super7 Reveal Upcoming Retro-Style Action Figures; Predator, Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween and More!


Super7 Predator

One of the coolest things to happen last year was the release of Super7's Alien ReAction figures, which were essentially modern day recreations of a line of toys that Kenner had planned on putting out way back in 1979. Shortly after announcing they were releasing the long-lost figures, independent company Super7 found themselves partnered up with Funko, which meant two things; the Alien figures would be mass-produced (and therefore cheaper to purchase) and more films would soon be joining them in the ReAction line.

As promised, several upcoming lines of ReAction figures were teased last week on Entertainment Earth, with films like Predator, Escape from New York, Terminator and A Nightmare Before Christmas all getting the fully poseable 3 3/4" treatment. In addition to a slew of images of these and other lines, the companies also teased September and October releases, and though we don't yet have any pictures, we do know that Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Trick 'r Treat, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Hellraiser will all soon be getting the same treatment.

Check out a handful of the awesome teaser images below. You'll find more images and release dates over on Entertainment Earth, where you can also place your pre-orders!

Predator ReAction

ReAction figure Snake Plissken

Jack Skellington ReAction figure

Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction figure

Terminator ReAction figure