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George Romero to Perform 'The Zombie Autopsies'?


Apparently there's no keeping George Romero away from the genre he made famous. The zombie king may again helm an undead epic, albeit this time one adapted from a pre-existing source: Steven C. Schlozman's novel The Zombie Autopsies. More info after the jump.

In a new interview with io9, Romero speaks of what drew him to this new project, which he's currently scripting...

"A friend of mine recently wrote a novel called The Zombie Autopsies, and it's about an isolated group of people doing autopsies on zombies during the zombie apocalypse and trying to figure out what the hell caused this. They come upon this discovery."

[Edit Note: SPOILERS Ahead]

"The scientists discover that this is not a naturally occurring virus, they deduce that it must have been created by somebody. And they later discover that it was created by people who were trying to topple the economy. So that's a unique way in to talk about the economy, but it's not my story. Steven C. Schlozman is the guys name, he's a Havard Psychologist who has somehow been swept into the zombie craze and is writing zombie novels."

Romero adds that "This is Steve's story, not mine. It's more like The Andromeda Strain. It's very tense and very medically correct. This guy's a doctor, it's all about being medically correct. I think about it like the first Hammer Frankenstein film, which was all about very graphic scenes of brains floating in blood and things like that. I want it to be perfectly accurate, almost shockingly so."