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Get Disciplined by Norway's Pantheon I

In the run-up to their third studio album Worlds I Create, Norwegian experimental metal outfit Pantheon I have just released some decidedly kinky photos to promote it. Click on through to find out more about the band’s recent break into horror flicks and get a SFW (maybe) preview of those perverse pics… and if you’re good little boys and girls, a link to the uncensored originals.

Although their musical style is decidedly dark and sinister (naturally), Pantheon I have only recently crossed into the world of horror with their track “I’ll Come Back As Fire,” an original track written for Someone’s Knocking at the Door, a grindhouse-style horror flick from director Chad Ferrin (of cult fave Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!) making the festival rounds this month. But what also distinguishes the band among Norway’s testosterone-fueled black metal legions is their unusual co-ed lineup – including cellist Live Julianne.

Now, let me steer to the side to say there’s nothing un-metal about the cello. If you doubt this, then you haven’t felt the power of Apocalyptica. But Julianne has temporarily put her bow aside in favor of whips and chains for this twisted photo series, which was deemed unsafe for use on the band’s social networking sites.

"We didn't realize when we shot the photos that we wouldn't actually be able to use a lot of them in the uncensored version,” Julianne reported in the band’s latest MySpace blog entry. “It was only when our manager pointed it out to us that we had to quickly censor a handful in order to be able to upload them onto the band's MySpace and Facebook pages.” The original versions still can be found in the gallery section of the band’s main site.

Worlds I Create is set for release this summer from Candlelight Records.