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Get Infected with First 'Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero' Trailer


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

When it comes to fun throwback-style horror flicks, they don't get much better than Cabin Fever, made by Eli Roth in 2002.  Ti West followed up Roth's film with the sequel Spring Fever in 2009, a hot mess that resulted from producers hijacking West's vision and cutting together their own version of the movie he intended to make - West has since disowned the movie completely, and even tried to get his name taken off of it.

Next year, the fever returns in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, the first of two prequels that delves into the origin story of the virus that left Jordan Ladd without a face and that dude from Boy Meets World covered in blood.  In Patient Zero, a group of friends travel to a distant Caribbean island for some fun in the sun, a vacation that quickly turns into a nightmare when a horrific infection shows up and tags along.

Check out the international trailer for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero below, and make sure to hit the little 'CC' button on the video's toolbar and set the subtitles to a language you can understand.

And yes, that is Sean Astin.

Patient Zero is set to go straight-to-DVD sometime next year, with Cabin Fever: Outbreak to follow in 2015.