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Get Ready for 'The Cautionary Tales of Jack & Justin'

We just got a heads up from the folks behind The Cautionary Tales of Jack & Justin that they've wrapped production on the pilot for their planned horror-comedy series. After the jump, check out the red-band trailer for the show's first episode, about two friends who get in way over their head when they fall for the hot girl next door.

Here's the press release for The Cautionary Tales of Jack & Justin...

Bad Taste, LLC is proud to announce that the production of the television pilot THE CAUTIONARY TALES OF JACK & JUSTIN: HARD COPY has wrapped in Los Angeles, CA.

THE CAUTIONARY TALES OF JACK & JUSTIN is a contemporary horror-comedy anthology series intended for an adult-oriented cable network like FX or CARTOON NETWORK'S ADULT SWIM that combines the thrill of 1980s "video nasties" with the charm of the "buddy comedy", in the vein of TALES FROM THE CRYPT meets DUMB AND DUMBER.

In the pilot episode of the series, Jack & Justin bring home a wireless printer that malfunctions and receives all the prints of the beautiful Latina girl next door. They innocently use the information from her prints to learn more about this femme fatale, but not all is as it seems on El Dia De Los Muertos, and the friends soon discover the shocking secret Isabella Villalobos is hiding in her apartment.

The supporting cast includes Kate Lane (redBLUE), Quinn Gasaway (O' BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?), Douglas Tyler (THE CHICAGO CODE), and Lindsay Nance (DECKTECHS).

Written and Directed by leads Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm, the series is narrated by a grave- digging cowboy (written for LANCE HENRIKSEN) who introduces our heroes' tragic and untimely deaths. The cowboy opens each episode as a cautionary tale, much like the infamous CRYPTKEEPER, in hopes that the audience will steer clear of the same mistakes Jack & Justin made. The series finale ends with shocking truth of Jack & Justin's demise.

THE CAUTIONARY TALES OF JACK & JUSTIN was shot on the Canon 7D, and will hopefully debut soon on a television network near you. The filmmakers are currently seeking financial backing to produce the remainder of the season by next fall.