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Get Ready for 'Zomboobies!'

If you thought Zombie Strippers was the last word in shameless zom-com parodies, think again. We just discovered the insanity of the new Japanese film Zomboobies!  (a.k.a. Opai-Zuki-Zombie!) And as is typical of the Japanese, no matter how exhausted the genre, when they get their hands on it, they somehow find  new levels of insanity to explore. Check out a trailer after the jump.

Here's the YouTube description of Zomboobies!, from director Francois Fujimoto (Franky Fuji)... "While conducting experiments to create 'the perfect boobs' a
group of doctors are transformed into Evil Mutant Creatures with an unstoppable hunger for BOOBS! See our hot action women fight to keep their perfect breasts out of the evil doctors' mutant hands!!!"

No word yet on when this future classic will land stateside, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear.